Why You Should Never Ignore Tooth Pain

If that subtle ache in your tooth has turned into more consistent tooth pain, it’s time to stop ignoring the signs and visit your dentist! Tooth pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong, and it usually means decay or infection is present. To avoid more serious problems that could potentially affect your oral health, here are five reasons why you should never ignore your tooth pain:

  1. Cavities

Your toothache is most likely attributed to decayed tooth enamel. While surface-level cavities can be treated quickly if this decay as spread to more areas of your tooth, you may need more extensive restorative treatment to recover the original health and strength of your tooth.

  1. Infection

Tooth pain can also commonly be attributed to infection of the tooth pulp. This will require root canal therapy where your dentist will use special tools to remove the infected pulp and tissues and replace the empty chambers with a hardening material called gutta-percha. You may also need a dental crown to restore strength and aesthetics to your treated tooth.

  1. Abscess

A cavity or injury that becomes infected from bacteria can quickly develop into a dental abscess and may be the cause of your toothache. Abscesses can cause swelling and pain in the surrounding gum tissue and jaw, and won’t go away on their own. Prompt treatment is necessary to avoid tooth extraction.

  1. Gum Disease

Tooth pain associated with infection of your gum tissues should never be ignored. Gum disease can irreversibly damage your gums, bone, and even cause tooth loss. If caught in the earliest stage of gingivitis, this condition can be reversed with targeted treatment.

  1. Fracture

If you have badly chipped, broken, or fractured your tooth, this can cause pain and will need immediate treatment. A fractured tooth can quickly become infected and increase the risk of extraction. You may need a root canal or other restorative treatment to repair your tooth.


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