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Beautify Your Natural Teeth

A Personalized Smile Enhancement

If your smile looks less-than-perfect because of chipped, gapped, worn down, discolored, or crooked teeth, we can beautify your natural teeth with porcelain veneers. These custom-designed restorations fit snuggly over the front of your natural teeth. They effectively conceal imperfections you don’t like, while simultaneously revealing an attractive, straight smile you’ll love to show off. Our porcelain veneers in Abilene, TX are all handcrafted by our cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists, a team with the skill and training to provide you with a gorgeous, personalized smile!

Small Changes, Big Difference

The great benefit of our porcelain veneers is that we only need to make small changes for you to experience a dramatic difference in how your smile looks! Veneers can cover up multiple aesthetic issues at once (like worn down and discolored teeth), saving you the inconvenience of completing multiple treatments for the same result. This is possible due to the expertise of our prosthodontists and cosmetic dentists, who have years of specialized experience using the latest materials and techniques in cosmetic dentistry. Our prosthodontists at Leedy Dental are experts in porcelain veneers, with the artistry and technical expertise to design your restorations for a beautiful smile.

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Our Porcelain Veneers Process

Porcelain veneers treatment involves removing a minimal amount of tooth enamel, then cementing the veneer to the front of your tooth. This sounds like a simple process, but our dentists can attest to the complexity of this treatment. We not only design a beautiful tooth but ensure it (or multiple veneers) fits together flawlessly and result in a symmetrical and well-balanced smile. Part of this process includes custom-designing and color matching the veneers to your existing teeth or to the shade you desire. Next, our skilled team will create your porcelain veneers and bond them securely to your teeth. In as few as two appointments, we can reveal a beautiful smile that will give you the confidence to smile big all the time!

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