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Has it been a while since your last dentist visit and you’ve noticed you have tooth pain? Or do you often clench and grind your teeth, waking most mornings with a headache? These concerns may seem unrelated, but they’re all things we treat at Leedy Dental! Our team of cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists is skilled in general, preventive, and family dentistry services and is always looking to create more efficient, comfortable, and personalized experiences for our patients. Using innovative technology and techniques, we’ll help restore the health and function of your smile—and improve your confidence, too! We welcome you to our office if you have a toothache, are overdue for a dental appointment, or are simply looking for experienced and personalized general dentistry in Abilene, TX. There’s no need to go anywhere else for your dental care!

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Our Comprehensive Dental Services

Keep your oral health on track with dental exams and cleanings twice a year. We’ll ensure nothing’s wrong with your teeth and gums and provide x-rays once a year.

Ensure your teeth, gums, and bone are in top shape with our preventive services. We provide sealants, fluoride treatment, and oral cancer screenings.

Have your cavity treated and filled with a composite filling. These tooth-colored fillings are more aesthetic than their amalgam counterparts, helping to restore strength back to your tooth.

Have your minor cracks, chips, and gaps between your teeth repaired with dental bonding. This cosmetic treatment restores the proper size, shape, and color to your teeth with a strong bonding material.

Don’t let larger cracks or damage to your teeth hurt their strength or aesthetics. Inlays fill in a large space left after a big cavity has been treated. Onlays replace one or more cusps of a tooth to restore support.

Restore a proper bite and comfort to your jaw joints and muscles with an occlusal adjustment. We’ll remove certain areas of your biting surfaces that are conflicting so your teeth come together harmoniously.

Protect your smile from the effects of chronic teeth grinding and clenching. We offer custom mouthguards that keep your teeth from touching and give your jaw and muscles a chance to rest and heal.

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