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Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you dissatisfied with teeth that look stained, discolored, or dull, or have drugstore whitening kits proven unsuccessful? Choose the professional, effective option with our KöR® and ZOOM!® teeth whitening! No matter the condition of your teeth, or how they became stained or dull, we can help you achieve a bright smile you’ll love to show off, without any discomfort or inconvenience. Our cosmetic dentists are trained to offer professional-grade teeth whitening in Abilene, TX, giving you a beautiful, white smile you’ll love!

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Comparing Your Teeth Whitening Options

If you’re wondering whether professional-grade teeth whitening is better than drugstore brands or natural remedies, then the answer is yes! Professional whitening is strong enough to treat stains deep within your tooth enamel, which is what provides you with the most dramatic and longest-lasting results. Drugstore brands aren’t as strong as our KöR and ZOOM! products, so you most likely won’t experience a noticeable change in the color of your teeth. Similarly, natural remedies like using charcoal won’t provide long-lasting or noticeable results. Additionally, both these options have the potential to harm your tooth enamel. Choose professional-grade teeth whitening for the results you want:

  • Little or no gum and tooth sensitivity
  • Professional-grade whitening products
  • Treatment monitored by our dentists
  • A naturally whiter and brighter smile
  • Whitening options to fit your lifestyle
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Fit Treatment into Your Lifestyle

Our KöR and ZOOM! teeth whitening products gives our patients plenty of options to choose from to fit their budgets and lifestyle. If you need fast whitening, our 90-minute whitening in-office with ZOOM! will provide instant results. If you want to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home, our take-home whitening trays and gel with KöR are a great option. No matter which option you choose, our cosmetic dentists will assist you in choosing the most natural tooth color for a personalized treatment experience. Don’t let your yellow or discolored teeth cause embarrassment any longer! We have comfortable and effective solutions for you with professional teeth whitening.

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Afraid to show off your smile?

Give your smile and confidence a boost with teeth whitening!