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Laser Dentistry - Abilene, TX

Treatment without Scalpels or Incisions

Choose Comfortable Laser Dentistry

Are you avoiding getting treatment for soft tissue problems because you’re afraid it will be painful, or recovery will be slow? We have the comfortable alternative to conventional treatments thanks to laser dentistry in Abilene, TX! Using our DEKA diode laser, we no longer need to complete treatment using invasive tools like dental drills and scalpels. Receiving care here means you can enjoy more comfortable treatment and faster recoveries. Our dentists have advanced training in laser therapy, providing targeted treatment to improve your soft tissue health. You won’t have to worry about uncomfortable dental tools, gum or tooth sensitivity, or an uncomfortable recovery.

Benefiting from Laser Dentistry

  • Treatment without drills or scalpels
  • No incisions or sutures, in most cases
  • Shorter and more comfortable recovery period
  • Soundless lasers for patients with dental anxiety
  • Minimal bleeding, pain, and swelling
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Our Personalized Laser Therapies


Frenectomy treatments traditionally needed us to use a scalpel to loosen the frenulum, the tissue that connects the upper lip and the tongue to the mouth. With our diode laser, we can instead eradicate this tissue in just a few minutes and cauterize the area so it doesn’t bleed.

Soft tissue recontouring

In the past, “gummy” smile treatment involved cutting away the excess gum tissue with a scalpel. Now, using our diode laser, we gently remove this gum tissue from around the teeth, reshaping with great precision for an overall more attractive smile.


A gingivectomy normally needs a scalpel to remove the diseased gum tissue from around the teeth. This process risked removing healthy gum tissue as well. With our diode laser, we can eradicate the damaged tissue, without harming the healthy tissues, and vaporize the bacteria on and around the teeth to effectively treat gum disease.


Peri-implantitis (like gum disease) is an infection caused by bacteria that damages the gums and bone around a dental implant. Without treatment, a dental implant can become loose and fail, eventually needing to be removed. Using our diode laser, we can eliminate this damaged gum tissue and vaporize the bacteria around the dental implant post, without needing to use scalpels or incisions, thus saving your dental implant.
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Afraid of loud, invasive dental tools?

Laser dentistry can eliminate your fears!