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A Simple Way to Replace Missing Teeth

Modern Dentures Are the Solution

If you have many failing or missing teeth, we understand that this can make daily life difficult and even painful. We can help with our modern dentures, custom-made right here in our in-house dental lab. Dentures are the time-tested teeth replacements that can restore a functional, active life by replacing all your failing or missing teeth. Our dentures in Abilene, TX look natural and are designed perfectly to the natural contours of your mouth for a comfortable fit. Our team consists of dentists and prosthodontists who have years of advanced education and training in dentures. We’ll create your dentures in our in-house lab, providing you with a high-quality, personalized, and convenient outcome that can improve your confidence and quality of life!

Benefiting from Custom Dentures

  • A smile that looks attractive
  • Improve your biting and chewing function
  • A big boost in your confidence
  • Better support for your facial structure
  • A personalized solution that fits you

4 Ways Quality Dentures Can Improve Your Life

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Our Custom Dentures Process

Getting your custom dentures at Leedy Dental is a unique process because we’re able to complete all the steps of your treatment right in our office. This includes fabricating your actual denture! We’ll first provide a consultation so we can personalize your denture to your smile goals. If you have remaining teeth, we’ll extract them, then take impressions of your mouth. These impressions are extremely accurate, giving us a detailed blueprint from which we can custom design your new dentures. Everything from the shade and size of your teeth to how much gum tissue shows when you smile can be customized to your specifications. Then, our cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists use their artistic and technical skills to handcraft your denture in our in-house lab using state-of-the-art technology and materials. The result will be an incredibly life-like set of teeth that look natural.

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Dentures with Added Security

Dentures do a good job of improving your dental function and health. However, if you’re concerned they won’t provide the level of stability you’re looking for, we have other options! We offer implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants, two complete teeth replacements that use dental implants for long-term support and durability. With a denture or prosthetic held in place with two or more dental implants, you’ll be able to comfortably eat more foods and benefit from the stimulation implants provide your natural jawbone. These teeth will look completely life-like too and because of the dental implants, won’t need to be relined or replaced. You can enjoy a functional, beautiful smile for life!

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