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Why Dental Implants Are Ideal

If you’re living with a single missing tooth, a dental implant is the tooth replacement you can count on. A dental implant is the man-made alternative to a natural tooth and is designed to look, function, and feel exactly the same. In fact, it’s made up of all the same parts—the titanium post acts like a tooth root and the dental crown acts like the visible portion of the tooth. 

Working together, they’ll create a restoration that will make you wonder if you ever had a single missing tooth in the first place! You won’t need to resort to a dental bridge, which damages natural teeth, or live with a removable partial denture. Choose a dental implant in Abilene, TX and enjoy its health and functional benefits for years to come.

Common questions about the dental implant procedure

Choose the Experienced Team

As expected, dental implant treatment requires great skill in the planning, surgical, and restorative phases to ensure the ideal aesthetic and functional outcome and ensure its longevity. Our implant dentist, Dr. Robert Leedy, has spent the last 15+ years focusing primarily on dental surgery and smile restoration with dental implants. Implementing the latest surgical technologies and materials into every treatment, he and our team consisting of a cosmetic dentist and specialized prosthodontists have the expertise to place and restore your dental implant right in our own state-of-the-art practice. 

All our patient cases are unique, but we encourage you to read more about what to expect with dental implant treatment as well as how you can afford to have your smile restored with this permanent solution.


The Steps to a New Tooth

Step One: Consultation and Planning

Your first appointment will be a consultation with our dental implant team. We’ll learn about your smile goals and complete an oral evaluation. Using our state-of-the-art CBCT technology, we’ll take highly detailed 3D scans of your mouth, giving us a clear picture of the quality of your jawbone. This will help us determine if you’ll need a bone graft or sinus lift and help us plan the surgical phase of your treatment. These images are also used to design the custom surgical guide that will assist us when we place your dental implant. When this planning step is complete, we’ll schedule your surgery.

Step Two: Dental Implant Placement

Surgery for a single dental implant using our custom surgical guide is an efficient and predictable procedure. It doesn’t require more than local numbing agents, but if the thought of surgery makes you anxious, we can help you feel relaxed with custom sedation. Once you’re comfortable, we’ll place the dental implant in your jawbone. Then, taking a sample of your own blood, we can concentrate platelet rich growth factors at the surgical site to lower infection risk and accelerate healing. If the dental implant has enough primary stability in the bone, we can attach a temporary dental crown that will restore function during the healing phase and let you leave our office with a complete smile.

Step Three: Final Restoration

You will need to heal for a few months after surgery. This gives your natural bone time to fuse around the dental implants and your gum tissue to heal, too. Once this phase is complete, we’ll take new impressions of your mouth using our digital iTero® intraoral scanner. These high-resolution images will be used to design and fabricate your final dental crown. Attaching your new crown is a quick appointment: once we finalize the fit and aesthetics, we’ll screw it permanently to your dental implant. You’ll have a fixed new tooth that looks and functions completely naturally!

Count on Affordable Treatment

A dental implant is costlier than a dental bridge or partial denture, but it’s the only option that doesn’t harm adjacent teeth and has the potential to last the rest of your life! We consider this solution an investment in your smile—its health, function, and beauty. 

By completing all phases of your treatment in our office, we can bundle your treatment costs and streamline your care, without sacrificing the quality of our work or the materials we use. Our single tooth implant fee begins at $4,900. This is an all-inclusive fee that includes, extraction, a bone graft or sinus lift, dental implant materials, advanced healing, sedation, and treatment from a team of specialists. 

We’ll help you afford your treatment through third-party financing from CareCredit®, LendingTree®, or Compassionate Finance™. Additionally, we can file insurance claims on your behalf so you can maximize your benefits. Rest assured, you can afford a dental implant and get your complete smile back!

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