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Loose Or Painful Dentures - Abilene, TX

Dentures Ill-Fitting or Uncomfortable?

Why Dentures Become Loose

Your dentures fit comfortably when you first got them, but now they never seem to stay in place. They slip when you’re eating, are starting to rub on your gum tissue and create sores, and they always feel loose. Unfortunately, this is a normal progression for patients who wear dentures, and it’s because your jawbone is shrinking. Your natural bone relies on stimulation from teeth to remain healthy and strong. But if you don’t have teeth, and you’re also applying pressure to the bone with a denture, this bone will quickly resorb and lose volume, width, and height. You can have your loose dentures in Abilene, TX relined, but if your jawbone does not receive stimulation, this resorption process with continue inevitably. If this worries you, we have a solution! There is a way to stop this resorption for good and give you a set of teeth that not only restores function and a beautiful smile but renews your health and confidence, too—dental implants!

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The Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Creates “tooth roots” that act as a foundation for teeth
  • Keeps your jawbone from resorbing further
  • Restores your ability to eat a variety of foods
  • Permanently secures dentures or a fixed bridge of teeth
  • Improves your facial shape and natural smile
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A Secure Smile with Natural Function

Dental implants look just like tooth roots and provide the same benefits, including supporting the health of your jawbone. They’ll keep your bone stimulated and strong, so it doesn’t resorb further. And, they’ll provide a stable foundation for loose dentures or a fixed bridge of replacement teeth. If you choose implant supported dentures, we’ll insert dental implants into your bone. Your denture appliance will be either bar- or ball-retained and it may need to be removed for cleaning each night. This option improves your smile’s strength and stability.

Full mouth dental implants, however, are what many patients consider the ultimate full arch replacement. They consist of a hand-crafted bridge of natural-looking acrylic teeth permanently secured to four or more dental implants and a custom titanium bar. This solution restores virtually all your dental function, so you can improve the type of foods you eat, your oral and overall health, and your quality of life! Best of all, we can design and create these full arch solutions in our own in-house dental lab!

Treatment from an Experienced Team

At Leedy Dental, our team consists of a cosmetic dentist, an implant dentist, and two skilled prosthodontists. Our implant dentist, Dr. Robert Leedy specializes in full arch rehabilitation with dental implants and has spent over 15 years focusing on implant dentistry. An active member of the American College of Oral Implantology, he stays up to date on the latest technologies and techniques in dental surgery and completes hundreds of continuing education hours each year learning new protocols and skills. Using such advanced technology as CBCT imaging and guided implant surgery, he consistently achieves amazing results, even for smiles others have deemed “too messed up to fix.” Combining his expertise with the artistry and skill of our prosthodontists and cosmetic dentist, we provide comprehensive implant treatment right in our Abilene, TX office. It’s time to leave dentures behind and experience life with dental implants!

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Put painful, loose dentures in the past.

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