The Top 4 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Implants

graphic of a placed dental implant

If you have lost teeth, you may believe that dentures are your only option. While dentures have been a reasonable choice for decades, you don’t have to choose removable false teeth to restore your smile. Depending on the number of teeth you’ve lost, you don’t have to resort to a dental bridge either. Dental implants provide the strength and functionality you’re truly looking for and offer the most natural and lifelike replacements for missing teeth. Best of all, most patients qualify for same-day dental implants, a protocol that involves removing teeth, placing dental implants, and attaching a temporary tooth or set of teeth all in a single appointment!

The four main benefits of same-day treatment:

  1. Less wait time.
    Traditionally, dental implants treatment was a multi-stage process that involved healing periods between procedures. With today’s modern technology, entire stages of treatment can be eliminated, getting you to your final tooth or set of teeth much faster and often in a single surgical appointment.
  2. Immediate dental function.
    Because a temporary tooth or set of teeth can be attached the same day as your dental implant surgery, you’ll experience an immediate return to function. You’ll be able to bite and chew the foods you were avoiding when you had missing teeth.
  3. Natural smile aesthetics.
    The temporary teeth you’ll receive the day of your surgery are made from incredibly strong and life-like materials. They’ll look and function like real teeth, giving you the health and confidence boost you need while you heal from surgery.
  4. Permanent smile restoration.
    Dental implants are meant to last the rest of your life. When properly cared for by you and a dental professional, your dental implants have the potential to remain healthy and strong long-term—providing you with amazing health, function, and aesthetic benefits.

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