The Ideal Candidates for Dental Implants

There’s no doubt that dental implants are a proven way to replace one or more missing teeth. Their long-lasting benefits make them a viable investment for virtually all patients, restoring health, function, and beauty to their smiles. Like many treatments, there are ideal candidates for dental implants and there are patients who need preliminary treatments to qualify. Factors that affect your dental implant candidacy include:


Physical Health

In general, patients need to have good physical health to undergo any surgery, and that includes for dental implants. Your dentist will complete a dental and medical history review, oral health evaluation, and diagnostic testing to ensure you qualify for surgery. If you present a unique circumstance, including being medically compromised or having severe bone loss, you can still qualify for dental implants if you see a specialist like an oral surgeon for treatment.

Gum Health

Patients cannot also have underlying oral health conditions like gum disease if they want to get dental implants. You’ll have to undergo treatment for gum disease to remove the infection and bacteria from your mouth. Since dental implants can be compromised by a similar condition, peri-implantitis, your mouth must be at optimal health before and after treatment to ensure the long-term success of your procedure.

Bone Volume

Adequate jawbone is another qualifying aspect of dental implant treatment. If tooth loss has led to enough bone resorption to affect surrounding teeth or your facial structures, you’ll first need to undergo bone grafting to rebuild your jaw ridge. Once the bone is at the proper level of density and volume, dental implants can be safely placed in the bone and will integrate to form a solid and strong foundation for new teeth.

Oral Hygiene

If a patient doesn’t properly take care of his or her teeth, including brushing, flossing, and routinely visiting the dentist, they may need to improve their oral hygiene habits before dental implants. Poor oral hygiene leads to many situations like gum disease that disqualify patients from getting dental implants. Maintaining proper oral hygiene before and after treatment can help lengthen the lifespan of your new smile with dental implants.


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