Is It Possible For Me To Get Customized Dental Implant Treatments?

a custom dental implant model being customized by a dental professional.

When people are struggling with damaged, misshapen, or missing teeth, dental implants can be a phenomenal option to restore their smile and tooth function, improving the quality of their life and overall look. When people go to an experienced doctor, they can get dental implants made specifically for their smile with customized dental implants in Abilene, TX. Continue reading to learn more about customized dental implants.


How A Customized Dental Implant Treatment Is Performed

When people have missing teeth or damaged teeth, they will want their single or full arch dental implants treatments to be personalized to meet their new smile needs and goals. With customized dental implants in Abilene, TX, patients can effectively replace their missing teeth for years to come.

By going to a skilled doctor for their customized dental implant treatment, patients can get the smile of their dreams. During their first appointment for this advanced procedure, the knowledgeable doctor can discuss the patients specific smile goals and take digital X-rays to be used as a foundation for their customized treatment plan and results.

The dental implant post is then strategically placed in the patients jaw where it can fuse with the surrounding jawbone in a natural process called osseointegration. The dental implant post acts like a natural tooth root, preventing the jawbone from deteriorating. Because every patients smile is unique, the placement of the dental implant post will depend on what part of the patients jaw the dental implant will be most stable and secure in.

Once the dental implant post is securely in place, the abutment can be placed on top. The abutment connects the dental implant post to the prosthesis or dental crowns. The final crown or prosthesis that is cemented into place on top of the dental implant, completing the patients new smile, can also be custom made so that it blends in with their natural teeth.


Are There Benefits To Getting Customized Dental Implants?

With customized dental implants in Abilene, TX, patients can replace one or more missing or damaged teeth. Once an implant is placed in the jawbone, it does not need to be replaced or removed because it has fused to it. Customized dental implants allow patients to eat the foods they want, talk with ease, and smile with confidence.


Get Your Customized Dental Implants With Us

At our caring and knowledgeable office, we can give you a functional and beautiful new smile with customized dental implants. What are you waiting for? Get in contact with our doctors, Robert W. Leedy, DDS, Nikki P. Green, DDS, Jaci Campo, DDS, and Justina Boles, DMD at our office by Abilene, TX to schedule your consultation today!

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