Different Teeth Whitening Methods for Stained or Yellow Teeth

If you’ve been feeling self-conscious about your discolored teeth, you have many options for brightening them! In addition to at-home remedies, there are many ways your dentist can help you find confidence in a beautiful, white smile. Be sure to discuss your options with your dentist, who can help you determine which solution is best for your situation. Below are five different teeth whitening methods for stained or discolored teeth:

Whitening Toothpaste

The most cost-effective method for whitening teeth is by using whitening toothpaste. These toothpastes may have baking soda or other chemicals that provide a level of whitening but can be abrasive to your teeth. It may take several weeks to see results.

Bleaching Strips

Another option for teeth whitening is whitening strips you can purchase at the drugstore. This whitening provides acceptable results, though many patients rarely get to the brightness they desire. Whitening strips when used over time can also damage the tooth enamel.

Whitening Trays

Tooth whitening trays from the dentist provide a professional level of bleaching. You can brighten your teeth from the comfort of your home and will see results within a few weeks. These trays generally result in less tooth sensitivity for patients.

In-Office Whitening

The most effective form of teeth whitening is professional in-house bleaching from your dentist. This high-potency whitening session usually lasts an hour, with personalized and immediate results. Many patients choose this option if they’ve had little success with other options.

Dental Veneers

For patients who have had little or no success with any type of whitening products or services can opt for dental veneers. These porcelain shells are “caps” for your teeth that hide any discoloration, while also restoring a straight and even smile.

Schedule Your Consultation

Not sure which teeth whitening option is right for you? Schedule an evaluation and consultation with your local dentist to learn more.

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