Crack Down on Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), also known as cracked cusp syndrome or split tooth syndrome, is a painful condition that results from a crack in one of your teeth. CTS can mean anything from a tiny hairline split in the crown to a fracture that goes all the way to the root. If you have a nasty toothache and remember biting down on something hard, it’s time to call Dr. Leedy. Leedy Dental is committed to giving you the best oral care that Abilene has available. To find out more about cracked tooth syndrome, read on.

Symptoms of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Although this condition can vary a little bit for everyone, here are some common signs you may have cracked tooth or cracked cusp syndrome:
• Biting down in a certain area causes sharp pain
• The pain goes away shortly after you have finished chewing or biting
• You have localized sensitivity to hot or cold, and sticky, sweet, or sour foods
• You find that you have begun favoring one side of your mouth for chewing denser food or all food
• You notice sharp, localized pain while biting and immediately afterward (indicating the opening and closing of the crack)

What Causes Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

There are a number of things that cause teeth to crack, but it is usually one of the following culprits:
1. Facial/oral trauma
2. Chewing hard foods (nuts, hard candy, ice, etc.)
3. Teeth grinding
4. A worn or damaged dental restoration
5. Damage from an improperly performed or unsuccessful root canal
6. A bite misalignment that causes uneven chewing pressure
7. Eating or drinking very hot and very cold foods/beverages at the same time

Treating Cracked Tooth Syndrome

No one in Abilene should have to deal with the pain and inconvenience of a cracked tooth. In addition to being extremely uncomfortable, CTS may allow nasty bacteria into the root and/or pulp chamber of the tooth. At that point, a root canal or even extraction will likely be necessary. If you think you have cracked tooth syndrome, visit Dr. Leedy or Dr. Green before it becomes serious! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call Hedgecock Dental today.


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